Rockaway preps for Hurricane Sandy

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Rockaway residents are siding with caution and getting the necessities to weather out threats from Hurricane Sandy.

In order to prevent flooding, sand walls are currently being assembled at certain spots along the beaches. Con Edison announced it will also have extra crews available to deal with anticipated power outages.

Many people living near the beach have been heading to stores for supplies to prevent damage or flooding in their homes. Noni Signoretti, the co-owner of a Beach 116th Street hardware store, said the shop had sold out of sandbags and were selling a high number of tape and batteries.


The city is not planning to evacuate any areas at this time, Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the public at a 6 p.m. briefing. Bloomberg recommended city residents living within flood zones should move to homes of friends and families, or at an evacuation center. The city is not expected to shut down on Monday, Bloomberg said, and all city employees are expected to be in work. Mass transit schedules will run on schedule tomorrow, he said. All events in city parks scheduled for after 2 p.m. have been canceled, he said, and parks will be closed after 5 p.m.

The mayor also advised surfers stay out of the water — despite temptations from high waves that are expected as the Hurricane nears the city. 

“Please, the beaches are dangerous and surfing is extremely dangerous,” Bloomberg said. “You may want to run the risk, but we have to send our emergency workers into the ocean to save you. Their lives are at risk, [and] you just don’t have a right to do that to anyone else.

  • Cathy

    With this final scene, Kingsolver reasserts the value of family-however
    nontraditional it may be-as an essential and even life-saving support
    system for this diverse group of characters,
    as well as for society in general. The person who initially wanted the real truth hidden has the most to lose but anyone who has knowingly assisted in hiding the
    truth and changing the story will also suffer to some extent.

    It’s not Gordon’s fault that he has had to work with a
    poor script that is far more interested in perpetuating the myth about Polar Bears and so called Global Warming I just wish
    the BBC would not be so biased on the subject and for
    once tell the truth.