Civic Virtue statue leaves Queens

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THE COURIER/Photo by Terence Cullen
THE COURIER/Photo by Terence Cullen

The Triumph of Civic Virtue was relocated from Queens to Brooklyn on December 15.

The controversial statue, officially called “Triumph of Civic Virtue,” which stirred debate for the last few years, was hoisted from its pedestal on Queens Boulevard just before 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 15 as bystanders looked on — many of whom were saddened by the action.

It has been moved to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn effectively leaving the borough on loan to the cemetery. Many have opposed the move for several reasons, particularly though for its artistic value and the manner in which it was moved.

A week before the move, which took close to 10 hours of preparation, Councilmembers Peter Vallone and Elizabeth Crowley joined with Community Board 9 and Triumph of Civic Virtue to rally against the move. The coalition alleged that those opposed had purposely been stymied from attending a November 13 hearing on the move to Green-Wood.

And just days before, Community Board 9 voted to oppose the planned move, also citing that the aged statue was a work of public art, given to Queens more than 70 years ago and should be preserved as such. The statue should have been restored and kept in Queens, said Community Board 9 chair Andrea Crawford.

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  • Mark D. Budka

    So, our self-righteous sexist age as removed CIVIC VIRTUE once again from his pedestal. One of these days this nation will get it into its fat head, that humans and art are human by nature. We just love to replace one form of bigotry for another. CIVIC VIRTUE by nature of 18th Century Symbology was never sexist. 20th and 21st Century bigotry made him sexist.