Ban sex offenders from library children’s rooms say pols

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Following two incidents in Queens, De Blasio and Vallone want to pass a law restricting where sex offenders can go in public libraries.

After a man sexually abused two children at the 41-17 Main Street branch of the Queens Public Library last month, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Councilmember Peter Vallone want to ban convicted sex offenders from entering children’s reading rooms.

Joel Grubert, who on July 7 was arrested for sexually abusing a 6- and 9-year-old at the library, is a registered sex offender. In 2004, he was convicted for possession of child pornography, and served time for kidnapping, reported the NY Post. Last year, a similar incident happened at another Queens Public Library branch in Astoria.

Currently sex offenders are not legally allowed to enter a playground, but the courts have ruled that a policy of banning sex offenders from libraries altogether is unconstitutional.

De Blasio and Vallone have written a letter to New York State Legislative leaders asking them to pass legislation that would make entering a designated children’s room at a public library a criminal offense for a sex offender.

“It is common sense that we keep sexual predators away from areas where young kids congregate,” said Vallone. “Children’s rooms in libraries are really indoor playgrounds for growing minds, and our kids need every protection we can give them.”




  • Gina D’Angelo

    Where were the parents when this happened? Definetly ban the convicted sex offerenders but many have not been convicted that walk into libraries everyday. Why not educate parents that they should not be leaving their children alond. I sure don’t!

  • Pissed Off

    The libraries are just the start – what about the Department of Education? They are a “fertile ground” for sexual molesters, what about camps and after school programs? In these places we leave our children under someone’s else care and think they are safe… No one is taking accountability…. just sweep it under the rug…. happened in District 25 – bet not a lot of parents are aware because these entities never informed them.

  • johnnydeedamato

    I agree with Peter Valone.There should be safe places for children to assemble.But how do you stop perverts from entering public places?