Former park administrator Estelle Cooper under investigation for misspending

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The Unisphere was lit-up red for American Heart Month

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, the biggest park in Queens, is currently being considered for the development of a new shopping mall, two new stadiums and concert venues and several parking garages and roads inside the park.

Estelle Cooper, the former administrator of Flushing Meadows-Corona park, has been named in investigations of $90,000 that was misspent by a conservancy group she ran, the New York Post reported.

Cooper also ran Unisphere Inc. – a non-profit conservancy group that worked to revive the park. She spent 18 years overseeing the large park before resigning in January.

Officials told The Post the 82-year-old was part of three separate investigations into the misspending. Unisphere board members were suspicious of deals Cooper made with the Parks Department, The Post reported, and a camp run by her daughter. Members had then noticed thousands of dollars had been taken out of the group’s funds without approval.


  • Paul Priore

    I warned everyone about Estelle Cooper years ago when I had run in’s with her for stealing Monies from illegal immigrants venders at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which she and former Commissioner Henry Stern went on the attack against me and falsely accused me of harassing them and I ended up suing both of them and their legal council.
    But no one wanted to listen to me, but the truth is finally coming out.
    You can check it out for yourself.
    Estelle Cooper is a rotten egg who is finally getting her just desert, that is way over due.
    I have known Ms. Cooper and her duplicities for years and I can say this is only the beginning of the ice berg
    Thank You.
    Paul Priore

  • Paul Priore

    Re: New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn:
    The front runner political Hack is at it again; first she helps change the term limits to further her own agenda, now she wants to use campaign monies to influence and corrupt next year’s mayoral race to help better her chances of winning.
    Do we really need another crooked elective official doing things to advance her own higher elective aspirations?
    She wants to influence the outcome of next year’s elections by allowing unions and corporations and the union members to decide who should and will win in any elections which of course are unethical and immoral and I’m sure illegal.
    She will also have the most monies in her campaigns coffers to fight anyone, who dares to challenge her; she will have money to outspend her competition.
    She will also limit the playing field which will allow her to win the mayoral race in 2013, the voters of New York City should be extremely outraged and disgusted by her efforts to influence elections and all New York City voters should do everything in their powers to stop this corrupt, political hack from destroying our democracy.
    I have known this women for a number of years and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
    She always has gone against the will of the voters and her constituents.
    Even her biggest ally Current Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t support her, that says a lot about her, if her own boss doesn’t believe in her ability to lead as his successor.
    Can we dare allow her to do anymore damage then she already has done.
    I say no way, stop her now and don’t vote for her.
    We all will regret it, if she succeeds and wins.
    Thank You.
    Paul Priore

  • Paul Priore

    Re: The shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut:
    What a senseless tragedy that could’ve been avoided.
    My condolences goes out to the families that lost their children and the adults that lost their lives.
    How many more people have to die before these god damn elected officials start doing their jobs and put a stop to people being able to purchase these types of guns?
    The Virginia tech shooting, the columbine shooting, the Aurora Colorado Movie theatre shooting, the Singh shooting, the Oregon Mall shooting, how many more need to die before everyone starts to wake up and say enough is enough.
    When is this madness going to stop?
    Stop talking about it and start doing something about it.
    Actions speak louder than words.
    Now is the time to start changing the gun laws.
    Another very sad day in American history.
    Paul Priore

  • Paul Priore

    March 17, 2013
    Re: Your constant betrayal to me
    And to the gay community for
    For your support to the Yankees
    Organization for attempting to
    Rape and sodomy in 17 years ago:

    Hon. Christine C. Quinn
    224 West Street #1206
    New York, NY 10001

    Hon. Christine C. Quinn
    250 Broadway #1856
    New York, NY 10007

    Dear. Hon: Council speaker Christine Quinn:
    I am taken this opportunity to express my displeasure with you for your support for the New York Yankees Organization and for your continued betrayal to me and other members of the gay community.
    I would like a straight forward answer from you as to why you would even consider showing your support for an organization and its players who have attempted to rape and sodomy me 17 years ago.
    What were you thinking of?
    You and Tom Duane both have betrayed me when my case was made public back then and you both promised to help me and support me which of course both of you did nothing but make a bunch of empty promises and let me down.
    You claim to support the gay community and stamp out discrimination of any kind, but that seems to only apply when it serves your own purposes and personal agenda
    I will not standby and support any candidate that openly outright lies to me and others and who continues to be a lying, two faced hypocrite.
    I don’t support flip floppers, that is why I intend to show my support for your rival Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, at least he stands by his principals and doesn’t support anyone who discriminate against anyone.
    I also am letting you know that I will do everything to my power to inform every member of the voting public not to support you or even vote for you until you do the right thing and change your warped way of thinking.
    You can’t say one thing and turnaround and do another.
    I am very disappointed with you and I really truly hope you can live with yourself.
    Thanks for nothing.
    I will do everything I can to ensure that you lose the election.
    Enjoy your down fall, I know I will.
    Paul Priore
    (Community Activist)