New schedules to clear ‘chaos’ at Queens Metropolitan High School

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The class confusion should be over at Queens Metropolitan High School following new schedules distributed prior to the Thanksgiving break.

The first two-and-a-half months of the school year saw some students’ schedules changed over 10 times. Parents and students complained of the chaotic hallways, constant changes and no gym classes. Queens Metropolitan shares the building with two other schools – Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School and Maspeth High School.

Students received updated schedules on Wednesday, November 23. The Department of Education (DOE) said the school’s schedules were adjusted and fixed to start during the post-Thanksgiving marking period, which began Monday, November 28.

“[The schedules] are a lot better. They cut the nonsense,” said Derek N., a sophomore at the school who had his classes changed eight times and was stuck with two hours of gym while other students had none.

The new schedules are also less confusing, according to Maximo Q., a sophomore.

“[The schedules] are better with classes by days – Monday through Friday,” he said. “It used to be on day one, day two.”

Students at the school along Metropolitan Avenue said those that still had issues were instructed to speak with officials to have them fixed.
Prior to the adjustment, the hallways were “chaotic,” as many students did not have a class to go to, according to a sophomore. Some classes had too many students, forcing them to find another class, while others had schedules filled with empty periods.

“In the free periods, kids would be in the hallways and get in trouble,” a student who had received three different schedules said. “It’s not our fault. We shouldn’t be getting into trouble for something the school should be handling.”

Calls to the school’s principal were referred to the DOE’s press office.

– Additional reporting by Ricky Casiano