Victoria’s Secrets

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Photo and video courtesy of NYPD

This suspect and a second man are wanted in a series of Queens street robberies.

A Wonderful Week Of Sisterhood
As many of you have read, I am most proud of the wonderful women we recognize at the Top 10 Women in Queens Business events these past years.
As many of you have read, I am most proud of the wonderful women we recognize at the Top 10 Women in Queens Business events these past years.
So many of the women have enjoyed each other that I decided to launch a “Top 10 Networking” group of past winners and sponsors.
Thanks to Vicki Ellner and Family Care Services, a pin was designed for each “member” and so a sisterhood was born.
Each of the women has made an extraordinary contribution to their community and “industry” sector. From banking, to academics, to non-profit, each person has excelled. Many of them balancing motherhood, marriage and career — no easy task.
I believe no matter how involved a dad is, a mother is a mother, is a mother! Interestingly, Mother’s Day in May has become a huge “must respect” day for mom.
We were invited by Chris Ficalora, general manager at the Sheraton LaGuardia East to have our first networking event at his newly designed restaurant Deluge.
I had been there for lunch and was so impressed by the superb cuisine that I wrote about it for our dining column. So, I knew what to expect.
The women came in one at a time and each was “wowed” by the romantic, warm and inviting environment.
Because it is in a hotel, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I particularly like the two private spaces that are perfect for a group of twelve.
But, let’s get back to the wonderful women who joined me for dinner.
I knew for decades men have had private clubs to network and enjoy each other’s company.
Well, now we have a similar way for each of us to have the camaraderie and networking ability to share amongst each other.
Being in business is always a challenge so it’s great to bounce ideas off the other women.
Interestingly, the biggest topic was our kids!

A Bachelorette Party
Dear friend Alice Miller is five weeks away from marrying Michael Hickey. Gloria D’Amico, our County Clerk, will be officiating at the wedding.
The gorgeous couple are getting married at Joe Franco’s fabulous Caffé on the Green in Bayside.
So, of course, being a dear friend, we got together to have a bachelorette party and celebrate Alice’s joy.
I had the party at my home on Saturday, the first perfect sunny, warm day this spring. We had all been together to watch over Alice when she had been attacked and stabbed years ago while jogging in College Point, so there were days we cried together, but today we laughed together and warmed each other’s hearts by being together.
May they enjoy many years together of laughing and loving.