200,000 LOST VOTES

By Queens Courier Staff |

While all vote counts registered on Election Day are “unofficial and preliminary,” they usually resemble the formally certified count total several weeks later as all the absentee and military ballots are counted too.
Not so this year. Our New York City Board of Elections (BOE) managed to lose nearly 200,000 votes that were cast citywide on November 2. That represents 17 percent more votes than were originally reported by the BOE.
The 195,055 votes does not include the 28,442 affidavit ballots cast at the polls because of missing registrations or other problems, or the 30,665 absentee ballots and write-in votes.
The machine tally on Election Day was originally reported as 1,145,826 and rose to 1,366,881 in the official count.
Queens has the largest cache of missing votes – 80,000 – or 31 percent more than were reported on November 2.
This is simply outrageous and we call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to take action immediately. Valerie Vazquez, a spokesperson for the BOE said in way of explanation, “After a 16-hour day there’s room for error.”
Error yes – incompetency no.
It is time to replace the Board of Elections and all its top managers. They are collectively taking their paychecks under false pretenses. They should give back their compensation and resign en masse.